[…] ”You can hear, that ANDI is a gifted guitarist already in the first 30 seconds of the opener “That Rocks”. Of course, he starts directly playing soli and riffs but the title has to rock! And that’s definitely what he does because he´s not losing himself in his Soli. ANDI conjures from slack hand a catchy guitar hook after another out of the sleeve and so the listener gets quickly with a grin. “The Shark Song” it is an impressive show of songwritingskills with its included wink on ZZ-Top. The prime example of his skills is the ten-minute track "Threat". Despite interspersed impressionistic jazz passages in the first quarter this song always remains pure, catchy Heavy Metal. And whenever the handset is threatening to lose the attention, ANDI intersperses a surprising break or a complete anthem-passage to sing along. Chapeau! The final "Porn" has fortunately nothing to do with royalty-free synth music from the sex industry, but is heading to the front with much humor and good mood!" […] “ Conclusion: Impressionism instead of expressionism! Catchiness instead of posing! "Freak On Frets" convinces not only by playingskills (the presence is not disputed), but also by good sense for songstructures. We hope to hear from ANDI THE WICKED in the future! "
Stormbringer Review on „Freak on Frets“ 2015

[...] "The material on the release is purely instrumental and very entertaining. Also multiple listening ensures no way to get bored. "
metal-heads.de Review on „Freak on Frets“ 2015


[...] "The title" Freak On Frets "course in the right direction, that the boy really proves his skills on the fretboard. Those who expect insane prog or a chain of divers “look at me” shit is definitely wrong! There are four pieces with decent playing time on the EP that are just heavy metal, and equally tradition-conscious and demanding.” I think it's wonderful that he does not hurt the metalroots here."  [...] "If you like this kind of full-throttle Metal with prominent guitar works, take a listen!."
Beeding4metal Review on „Freak on Frets“ 2015


[...] "Solo albums of guitarists are often mostly an ambiguous matter and only for real shred-heads. For example MARTY FRIEDMAN, who often loses himself in egocentric playing while MARTY FRIEDMAN plays good songs.  The approach of newcomer ANDI THE WICKED is far more refreshing. Instead of permanent playing in scales he uses traceability on "Freak On Frets" and thus creates an impressive first sign of life. "
Stormbringer Review on „Freak on Frets“ 2015







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